(ex. chicken)
(ex. ovalbumin)
(ex. 257-264)

Each unit of quantity contains 200 µg of MHC protein.

Please note that we do not have pre-made class I reagents; all of our class I reagents are produced as custom orders.

*Special case for mouse β2m:  Please note, the NIH Tetramer Facility normally folds all tetramers with human beta-2-microglobulin regardless of the species of MHC allele. If you think you need mouse β2m, please read this FAQ.


The Tetramer Resource Committee (TRC) meets approximately every other Friday to review tetramer requests. Requests must be received before 12 noon EST three days before a scheduled TRC meeting in order to be considered. View TRC Schedule

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Disclaimer: Please note that the reagents listed on this page have been produced by the NIH Tetramer Facility with strict quality control (including gene sequencing, affinity purification, SDS PAGE analysis, and verification of biotinylation by immunoprecipitation), but many have not been confirmed to stain or activate specific T cells.