AJ Myers, S Marino, DE Kirschner, JL Flynn. (2013). "Inoculation Dose of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Does Not Influence Priming of T Cell Responses in Lymph Nodes." J Immunol.  PMID: 23547119 DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1203465
The effect of Mycobacterium tuberculosis inocula size on T cell priming in the lymph node and effector T cells in the lung remains controversial. In this study, we used a naive mouse model, without the transfer of transgenic T cells, in conjunction with mathematical model to test whether infection with higher aerosolized inocula would lead to increased priming of M. tuberculosis-specific T cells in the lung-draining lymph node. Our data do not support that inoculum size has a measurable influence on T cell priming in the lymph nodes but is associated with more cells overall in the lung, including T cells. To account for increased T cells in the lungs, we tested several possible mechanisms, and recruitment of T cells to the lungs was most influenced by inoculum dose. We also identified IL-10 as a possible mechanism to explain the lack of influence of inoculum dose on priming of T cells in the lymph node