We want to thank our clients for their patience during our “essential research only” phase and share our plans for ramping-up to our usual services. Our normal custom synthesis and refill request forms will be available on our website June 1, and preapproval for essential research requests are no longer necessary, but please read the details below about production priorities.

  • For the next few weeks, our focus will be on fulfilling active reagent requests that have completed production and only await fluorochrome labeling (for tetramers) and shipment. We will contact you to make sure your facility is able to receive these shipments, or you can contact the Facility Manager if you have questions about the status of your active requests.

  • We will also continue to build our inventory of premade COVID-19 reagents and add additional epitopes and alleles. Check the page occasionally for updated availability.

  • We will resume our normal bi-monthly review schedule listed on our website’s schedule page.

  • We will gradually resume progress on previously approved reagent requests that came before the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • We expect that by the end of June, we will be able to begin production of new custom reagent requests. You can begin making these requests now, but please understand that the turnaround time for these reagents will be as much as 4 weeks longer than usual.

Again, thank you for your patience during this process, we know many of you are eager to restart research projects and we will do everything we can to provide your reagents as quickly as possible.